Island Life HH Photography | FAQ - Hilton Head Island Photographers

Here are some frequently asked questions about Hilton Head Island Photographers


    •    What makes you unique? Why should we choose you over other Hilton Head Island photographers?


We stand out from other photographers because we offer professional photos at affordable prices! We also focus on capturing moments and making memories. We offer professional techniques while working with children and pets too! We offer professional editing/retouching and lighting as well as props which help to bring your beach setting to life. We are also unique in that we work with families to help you get exactly what you were imagining for your beach photos. 


    •    What should we wear?


You can wear whatever you'd like. Some families like their photos to be more formal, and some are more relaxed. We find that lighter colors look best with khakis or jeans. Keeping patterns to a minimum is best. Adding a pop of color is always a good way to bring out the uniqueness of your family and brighten up your photos. It's also helpful to remember that there is almost always a breeze on the beach. This means long, flowing hair might not cooperate. Keep this in mind, ladies, when getting ready for your session.


    •    How long does it take to receive the photos once the portrait session is over?


We do offer professional editing on all the photos you receive and this does take some time but it's worth the wait! It typically takes about a week to be able to access all of your edited photos on-line in your client gallery. If you order print material they can take an additional 1-2 weeks to receive. 


    •    We have some children in the group who are difficult, how will you be able to get a good group photo?


We have worked with large groups before and we are very good at getting everyone's attention. Also, our photographer is unique in that he takes a lot of photos in the hour session. He doesn't just snap one or two shots of each pose. This increases our chances of getting that perfect shot of even the most difficult group! Bring on the challenge!


    •    We brought a dog on our vacation and he is a big part of the family. Can you include him in our portrait session?


Yes! We love working with pets and we know what a big part of the family they can be! We will do our best to include your furry friend, however there are beach regulations during tourist season. This means we will have to be sure to schedule your portrait session during a time when they are permitted on the beach which is anytime before 10am or after 5pm from Memorial Day to Labor Day and be sure to keep them on a leash!


    •    How do you accept payment?


We accept either cash or credit card. We do require the session to be paid in full prior to the portrait session. This is non-refundable if you cancel without giving at least a 1 week notice.  We will send you payment instructions when we email you the contract or you can book using or easy online booking system.


    •    What happens if it is raining during our scheduled session?


We typically like to schedule the sessions at the beginning of your vacation so if the weather doesn't want to cooperate, we will have plenty of time during the rest of your vacation to reschedule. If we cannot get a day where the weather is nice enough for your session, you would get a full refund of the session payment. 


    •    What time of day do you typically shoot?


It depends on the time of year but we typically like to schedule the session when the lighting is best. That is typically in the evening, however with our professional lighting we can make most times work.  We will let you know the time when we schedule or the week of your session dependent on time of sunset that time of year.  We recommend you get to the beach park about 10 minutes before your shoot begins.


    •    What happens if we decide later we want to add on prints? Do you save all the photos from our session?


Yes! If you have a session in June and want to order more prints for Christmas, you can always log onto your client access on our website and your photos will be available for purchase for 1 year after your session is complete. 


    •    Do you only take photos on the beach? I have a beautiful property that I would like to be the backdrop for my family photos. Would you do that?


Yes! The beach is not the only place we serve! We can come to your house, rental, or any other public place you would like. We have a location we prefer for low country settings and of course we have a public beach we like to use for our beach portraits, but we can be flexible. 


  • How do I access my client Gallery?     

Accessing your client gallery is easy! Click here to learn more!


Directions to Bradley Beach:

Address for GPS: 64 Bradley Beach Rd. Hilton Head, SC. 29928

From the North end of the Island and Bluffton:
Follow Hwy 278 
You will pass a Carabba’s at an intersection on your left
Shortly after you pass Carabba’s you will see a street sign 2 roads down on your left for “Bradley Beach Rd.” 
Make that left and follow it until you arrive at the parking lot

From the South end of the Island:
Follow Hwy 278
You will pass a sign on your right for Marriott’s Surfwatch
Shortly after you pass the Surfwatch sign, you will see a street sign for “Bradley Beach Rd.” to your right.
Make that right and follow the road until you arrive at the parking lot