Hilton Head Photographers - Rick Leipold

You have many Hilton Head Photographers to pick from when you need Hilton Head Island Photography.  Rick is unique because he doesn't just point the camera and snap the button. He believes in bringing out the best representation of who you are as a family and works hard, putting extra effort into small details to bring that out in your photos.  

In the words of Rick Leipold "I love spending time outside capturing the pureness of family time with the serenity of the beach as their setting"

Rick is from Boalsburg, PA, a small town right outside State College in central Pennsylvania.  He has always enjoyed hiking, biking, sports, history and anything to keep him outside to enjoy the great outdoors.

He has had a refined interest in photography for ten plus years.  His love of the art has led him to seek out knowledge and learn to perfect his profession over the years.  Now, you’ll almost never see him without his camera, taking pictures of everything from nature to historical sites to architectural wonders, and of course, family and friends.  


Rick moved to Hilton Head Island, SC to take advantage of the enriching natural environment.  He enjoys going on hikes and exploring the coast and the marsh with his camera.  His favorite subject to photograph, however, are families.  It is Rick’s passion to to bring the uniqueness of relationships to life and preserve those special moments between loved ones.


Rick's past times include sports such as football and baseball and he also loves to travel. He has always enjoyed taking photos on family vacations and looking back through them years later to help him relive those wonderful moments. He decided he wanted nothing more than to help others look back and remember their happy moments with their own family on their vacations to Hilton Head Island.



Director of Marketing/Editor - Nina

Nina is originally from Johnstown, a small town outside of Pittsburgh, PA where she developed a love of art and creativity. She has always enjoyed being outside, vacations to the beach, and going on hikes. After living in Bermuda for awhile and returning to Johnstown, she decided living so far from the ocean wasn't for her. Being drawn to the water since before she could remember, Hilton Head Island helped fill the void.


Nina has always had a creative side, which helps her with editing. She is a former dancer with several National Titles and an award-winning oil painter, which she finds helps her a lot with creativity such as natural retouching and professional editing. Once she moved to Hilton Head Island, she found herself more inspired than ever which helps the creativity and her passion for photography grow. 


Nina's favorite part of the job is creating moments between families for the photographer to capture. Helping families come together, and not asking them to smile, but giving them reasons to laugh during the photoshoot is what she does best!


Nina is a published author/illustrator of a children's book, SCUBA certified diver, and animal lover! Nina is also a former dolphin trainer and she can't get enough of the marine life around Hilton Head! She is currently working towards her Captain's license as well, which will bring her closer to Hilton Head's marine wild life. She has always loved being on the beach and educating people about the animals that live there. Hilton Head Island is Nina's dream home and she has never been happier to share her passion with you and your family.