Island Life HH Photography | Why should we choose you over other photographers?

Why should we choose you over other photographers?

March 02, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

It is a well-known fact that there are many photographers on the island offering different things. So why should you choose Island Life HH for your family portraits over other photographers? Sure, it's easy for any of the photographers to tell you they're the best but let us tell you WHY we are the best! 

First off, we use professional lighting and equipment. But why do you need professional lighting when you're out on the beach? Isn't there enough sunlight that we don't need professional lighting? The answer is yes! There is plenty of sunlight on the beach however that sunlight is creating harsh lines and shadows on your face because it is so direct. Don't get me wrong, we all love the sun, but it can sometimes cause too much contrast in your family photos. Our professional lighting fades out those harsh lines and shadows and brings an even tone to our subjects. Our lighting in combination with our high quality cameras are what make your photos look fantastic!

Second, our photographer always has an assistant to help balance lighting, direct posing, and place props. This is more helpful than you might think because without an assistant, the photographer would have to concentrate on everything all at once. With an assistant placing our subjects, watching for lighting, and balancing props, this frees our photographer up so he can focus on taking great photographs of you and your family.

Third, once you're done getting your photos taken, we are still working on them! We have professional editing software along with an editor whose passion is editing! Our editor pays close attention to detail to ensure that everyone looks perfect but not photoshopped! This gives you a real feel to your photos without unwanted blemishes. 

If that's not enough, we have a quick turn around because we have a great staff who LOVE working on your photos! Once you see your photos on-line, you can purchase them on our website. We use professional print companies who specialize in quality for portraiture. Why not take your photos to Walmart and get them printed? It's much cheaper! We have found out the hard way that when you are looking to get prints, display prints or canvas especially with larger prints, but with smaller prints too they come out grainy and the color is not preserved in the photos. We have even had photos come back where the size has been distorted to make it fit on the canvas. As the saying goes: "You get what you pay for!" We stand behind this way of thinking and we prefer not to have our photos on low-grade print products as it can reflect poorly on us and our name. 

Take all of this into consideration when booking your photographer. You want quality photos! You don't want someone who picked up a camera one day and pretends to know what they're doing to take your family photos that will be hanging above your mantle for years to come.


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