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Here at Island Life HH LLC we strive to bring you the best Hilton Head family photography we can.  Lighting on the beach can be harsh so we only shoot our beach photography when the lighting is perfect.  We offer Sunrise sessions, meeting 15 minutes before the sun comes up and Sunset sessions, meeting 1 hour before the sun sets.  

We start our sessions at the dunes getting family shots, couple shots, and shots of the kids, all while capturing the beauty of your family and our beloved Hilton Head Island.  After we finish at the dunes we move down to the shoreline where we get your family portraits with the ocean in the background.  Once again we get shots with the entire family, couples, kids, dad and son and so on.  We finish our sessions with more candid shots of your family enjoying the sun setting over our picture perfect piece of South Carolina.   

Our sitting fee starts at $125 and goes to $200 depending on the amount of people in your family.  Use our hassle free online booking system to see our availability and schedule your session with ease.  Make sure you book as soon as possible as our schedule fills up quickly in the summer and around holidays.  



Examples of they types of shots we will take at the dunes and by the water:

  • Large Group shots with everyone
  • Grandparents with grandchildren 
  • Cousins 
  • Adult Siblings 
  • Grandparents with Adult Siblings
  • Individual Family Shots
  • Family walking on the beach
  • Couples walking on the beach
  • Parents and Children 
  • Dad and Children  
  • Mom and Children 
  • Couple shots 
  • Children together
  • Children separate 
  • Children with props 
  • Children playing by the water
  • Individual Families with the frame
  • We are open to working with you if you have an particular photograph in mind and always ask at the dunes and by the water if you have any other shots for which you are looking. 

All your photos will be uploaded to an online gallery where everyone in your party will be able to login and view the photos.  You can then purchase individual prints and hi resolution downloads.  We use professional labs and the print product are sent directly to the shipping address submitted in the order.  

If you are looking for digital images they can be purchased at the time of booking at a discounted rate:

  • $199.00 - 8 High Resolution image download with print release for unlimited non-commercial use
  • $299.00 - 16 High Resolution image downloads with print release for unlimited non-commercial use
  • $449.00 - All the High Resolution image downloads with print release for unlimited non-commercial use

All off our sessions last 45-60 minutes in length and will always include the professional photographer and an assistant.  We normally get 25-50 images depending on the size of your family.  All the images that will be uploaded to your online gallery will be professionally edited and touched up.  

We look forward to seeing you on the beach and capturing the love of your family and the beauty of our island.