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Architectural Photography

Did you know we also do architectural photography? We don’t specialize only in family portraits, and although we love our families, let’s be honest: we don’t get very many visitors in the winter. Architectural photography is a fun way for us to keep up with the art of the photography business while keeping our creativity flowing all year round.

If you are a real estate agent or if you are a construction company looking to show off some home renovations, we love to get the best photos to help you showcase the home you are working with! If you are a business looking to show your online clients what your location is like, we can also do a business profile for your website. We have studied and taken classes and purchased specific equipment to get the best angles, the best lighting, the best detail, and the best overall photo of the house that you can imagine.

Not only do we offer photography for the architectural businesses but we also offer a unique way to showcase the interior or even exterior of the house or business. We offer 360 imaging which is a full 360-degree view of a specific room or the outside of the house. You want to know what it is like to be in the kitchen of a house you are interested in buying? We can put you there. Virtually. It is so life-like you can even look down and see the detail in the floor and look up and see the detail on the ceiling. It is becoming a popular way to showcase homes especially for potential northern residents who are relocating and are shopping via the internet.

Please contact us for the cost of both the architectural profile as well as the 360 imaging. We would love to showcase your home and help you get it sold!

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