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How We Work!

With the busy season being upon us, many of you are wondering how this family portrait business on the beach works! We have the answer! We are here every step of the way to walk you thru the process from booking to picking out your photos we never leave you hanging!

Step 1: Booking your session. This can be the most overwhelming part of the process since there are so many decisions to be made. Since you’re here, you’ve already found the best photographer on the island for beach portraits so congratulations!

Then you can decide which Collection you want. Our Collections are listed here. If you don’t see a Collection that is right for you, let us know and we can customize any collection to fit your needs.

Next, we can schedule your session by phone (call/text) or e-mail. Just let us know what dates you will be here and we will get you in! We prefer to schedule at the beginning of your vacation stay just in case the weather doesn’t cooperate, we have time to reschedule. We also like to book early morning or evening shoots for ideal lighting. The hour before sunset we refer to as “the golden hour” is the best time for optimal lighting.

Once we find a date that works, we will send you via e-mail an agreement with everything you get in your Collection as well as the cost. You can sign electronically and send it back. Then, we will collect a booking fee of $50 which goes toward your session and is deducted at the end when billed.

Step 2: Getting Ready! Once you arrive to the island safely, you can decide whether you would like us to come to your beach house or if you would like to meet at a public beach. We prefer Bradley Beach, or Dreissen Beach Park at the end of Bradley Beach Rd. or Burkes Beach. There are a lot of public parking spots as well as bathrooms (just in case) at both beaches. We always collect payment prior to the session. We send an invoice over the week prior to your session which you can pay on-line or you could write a check at the time of the session.

Step 3: Meeting your photographer! Once you let us know where to meet you, we like to meet about 15 minutes prior to your session so we can be sure not to miss the Golden Hour. Your photographer will introduce himself and his assistant and explain how the process works. At this time, you can let him know what specific shots, if any you are looking for.

Step 4: SMILE! This is the easy part! The photographer and his assistant do all the work for you! You just need to sit back, pose and smile. The assistant will direct your posing to make sure all of your photos look natural. We try to make the sessions fun for everyone (not just kids – dads too!) so loosen up and remember to have fun!

Step 5: Wait. No-one likes this part! No-one wants to wait to see their photos that they are all so excited about! We know this, and we work quickly to get all of your photos edited/retouched and into your on-line Gallery within a week after your session.

Once they are ready, we will e-mail you with your Gallery ID and instructions on how to view them from our website.

Step 6: Receive your photos! You can place an order straight from our website and they will be shipped promptly! It is so exciting to see your photos in print and on your wall!

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