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Sunrise, Anyone?


You may love those romantic sunset walks on the beach, but if you haven’t seen a Hilton Head sunrise, you haven’t seen anything yet! The sun rises in the East, which means Hilton Head beaches have the perfect view of the sunrise every morning. Sunsets are gorgeous in Harbour Town, but if you’re looking to walk on the beach during a sunset/sunrise, sunrise is your best bet! We do take family portraits and/or engagement photos during sunrise because we, too love to watch the sunrise in the mornings and the lighting is always great! It is worth waking up early in the mornings! The sunrise provides the perfect backdrop for your romantic portrait session or even for a fun session with your family.

Once you are done admiring the sunrise and exploring the beach and its natural surprises, you will most likely have worked up an appetite. The best places for breakfast is Palmetto Bay Sunrise Cafe located in Palmetto Bay Marina and Southern Coney located in the Coligny region. Both places are great for breakfast, with a relaxing environment and fantastic food to motivate you for your upcoming day of adventure!

Nothing brings you closer to the “Island Life” than starting your day off right with a beautiful sunrise. Live your own Island Life and start your mornings off the Island-way!

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